Sunday, May 19, 2019

It’s been a while.

So, I’m sure the people who do frequent my blog know. I abandoned it. I’ll admit, it defeated me. As a full time, student, I was constantly crammed with assignments and due dates and ridiculous stuff on top of it. Now, I’m finishing up my first year of college and all I could think about was “damn, I miss my blog.” It made me realize that making even just one or two updates a month was a freedom to me. That alone made me realize that this summer I want rejoin my bookish book dragons and continue blogging. I will be accepting new requests and hopefully checking my email to see about any old requests that got lost in the mail (I am definitely dreading that bit).
Just little update on my life and some things I want to bring to the blog, because while I evolve into an educated human being I would love for my blog to evolve with me.
First, I will of course be doing requested books, by anyone! I can’t give up the heart of this blog. Even if I could I wouldn’t. I love it too much, and it does seem wrong to give it up.
Second, don’t be surprised if I start adding a load of stuff about college. Going to college I realize that you can be the person that shares the experience with the world, along with all the intricate new things you learn, or you can be the person that just sits there quietly unmoving and slightly creepy. I want to be the one first one though. The one that shares. I love sharing with you guys my opinion on books, I love being able to give my honest opinion about what I read and most of all I love the community. I believe that college is exhausting and sometimes we need something to bring us back to the land of the living. College students from what I’ve seen don’t really read. It kind of scares me.
Anyways, the third thing I am thinking of introducing is a weekly challenge every week! For you and me. It might not be challenges though, I’m thinking it will be just something new every week. So, college tips and tricks, rants, challenges, short stories, crazy things that happen and maybe some insights into what I learn about writing in general from majoring in English and taking classes designated to the improvement of writing.
I promise that in the future my writing won’t be so templated, with first, second and third starting nearly every sentence. I’m currently trying my best to move past using the word: so, so much. Its one of my new goals as of late.
Let me know how you guys are doing any epiphanies while I was gone, maybe some new-found glory books to read.
OH! Go check out the new page labeled Book Review Requests I am hoping to change up the way I receive requests. In my email they get lost and I really hate that. Which means this new way will hopefully allow some better and easier and cleaner ways of getting in your requests. Which also means more chances I will review the book you want me to review. It wont automatically be lost and gone in the trenches of waste mail.
Anyways Thank you if:
You read ALL of that
You subscribe
And if you if you use the new way to request reviews
Tons of love from this Book Dragon,

Monday, April 16, 2018

Dark Web by Christopher Lowery

Summary by Goodreads:
The tentacles of the Dark Web are tightening their grip around the world. From Moscow to Shanghai, Washington, UK, the Middle East and Europe, nowhere is beyond their reach. When a computer scientist dies mysteriously in Dubai, Jenny Bishop's nephew, Leo Stewart, is hired to replace him. Leo's life is soon in danger, but he is the only person who can find the key to prevent an impending global cyber-attack. With the help of Jenny and old and new friends, he must neutralize the threat before the world's vital services are brought to a halt in a flagrant attempt to once again redraw the borders of Europe and Asia. Can the deadly conspiracy be exposed before the world is thrust into a new Cold War?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Burying Leo by Helga Gruendler-Schierloh

Summary by Goodreads:
Ingrid always loved to sing. Auditioning for a summer job after high school shattered her dreams. She fled Germany for Detroit where she married with the hopes of starting a family. When hope crumbled, she attempts to sing again. Will singing bring the life Ingrid always desired, or will her mutilated soul lose her everything?
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